How to: Add a Forwarding Agent on Magaya

Dec 16, 2019 | Education

Damien Camus, our virtual assistant, is here to show you how to add a forwarding agent to your Magaya system.  Adding a forwarding agent will help you take advantage of the automated features in Magaya.  So, let’s get started! In this article and the accompanying video, learn how customizing your forwarding agents list can streamline your operations, keeping you organized and saving time on data entry.

If you already have a list of forwarding agents, you can import your data to Magaya.  In this video, Damien demonstrates how to add a single agent to show you what’s required and what’s optional when making your list.  You can also configure your forwarding agents to work with specific divisions within your company.

Working with an agent that operates in the Magaya Network gives you the ability to transmit your data directly to your forwarding agent’s system. Agents lists can also be configured to include the contact information of specific representatives within a forwarding agency.

You’ll never have to remember your point of contacts with Magaya.  But why stop there?  Give agents up-to-date tracking access with Magaya LiveTrack.  Damien shows you how you can establish permissions for your agents and invite them to LiveTrack.  LiveTrack offers the best of everything by being customizable, easy-to-use and enabling direct communication between you and your clients.  Configuring transaction types and restrictions for your forwarding agents are some of the many features you have at your fingertips with LiveTrack.

Forwarding agents and other entities are configured via the maintenance folder in your Magaya Explorer.  To learn more about the Maintenance folder and its features, explore our knowledge base.  Take full control of your organization with Magaya.