Flow WMS

Manage your warehouse from the palm of your hand with Flow WMS by Magaya. Eliminate the need for expensive, specialized mobile hardware with this mobile warehouse management app, available on the Apple App Store® and Google Play™.

Compatible with iOS and Android


Make use of the devices you already have on hand with the Flow WMS app, available for iOS or Android™ handheld devices.

offline mode


Warehouses are notorious for having wi-fi dead zones. Flow WMS keeps you up and running on data even in the event the wi-fi connection drops.



Flow WMS is designed to work in harmony with your Magaya system (version 11.5 and newer) and Magaya Dimensioner, giving you the perfect foundation for your most efficient warehouse ever.

photo and barcode capture


Document your inventory with photos from the device’s built-in camera. Capture high-quality photos and scan barcodes, then upload them in real time to the related item or commodity in your Magaya system.

intuitive user interface


Leave clunky, old mobile WMS devices in the past, where they belong! Flow WMS has a modern, intuitive interface your users will love, encouraging fast adoption and frequent use.



Real-time data visibility and updates with your Magaya system and Dimensioner. Plus, you can scan barcodes and take photos with the Flow WMS app and attach them automatically to the items in your Magaya system.

The Definitive Guide to Warehouse Automation

It’s one thing for warehouse operators to recognize the impact of robotics, artificial intelligence, mobility, and other automation solutions on the global industry. It’s quite another to effectively implement warehouse automation in real-life.

In the Definitive Guide to Warehouse Automation, you’ll learn more about Magaya warehouse management features as well as lots of useful information about the hottest trends in warehouse automation today. 

Warehouse Automation Guide Cover

Mobile WMS for iOS and Android

Giving you complete control of your warehouse tasks, Flow WMS goes beyond basic warehouse inventory control giving you true productivity in the warehouse.

With Flow WMS, you can manage your mobile operations from the palm of your hand, with no need to switch to desktop for the most common receiving and shipping operations like picking and loading. You’ll speed up your operations with a modern, easy-to-use app that works on Android and iOS devices, so you don’t need to purchase and maintain expensive specialized devices.