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Today’s complex supply chains require purpose-built freight management solutions designed to support efficiency, agility, and speed throughout the export process, from the initial quote all the way to the last mile. Learn how Magaya can help you build a better export business with the Magaya Digital Freight Platform.

A Complete Digital Freight Platform for Modern Export Management

From the moment your customer entrusts you with their export business, you have a responsibility to ensure that their cargo is handled with the utmost care, both within the confines of your warehouse facilities and beyond.

To win their repeat business, you need to prove that you have what it takes to expedite their shipments at every step of the way – and to quickly find solutions when unexpected bumps in the road inevitably pop up.

Freight forwarding software

Freight Forwarding & WMS

From Purchase Orders and Quotes to Shipments, Invoices, and much more, Magaya Supply Chain gives exporters and logistics providers the visibility and automation you need to compete in today’s competitive global shipping market.

Plus, Magaya Supply Chain includes a full WMS (Warehouse Management System) for efficient receiving, consolidation, loading, documentation, shipping, and more. Designed to optimize productivity, the solution enables exporters to run a profitable warehouse and export business from a single platform, eliminating the data silos, added complexity, and extra expense of a third-party WMS solution.


Digital Customer Experience

The era of doing business by phone and email is over. Your digitally-savvy customers want the convenience, speed, and control of being able to interact with you online to request quotes, review rates, track shipments, and more.

This branded, customized, digital forwarder portal will set your business apart from the rest with schedules, quotes, bookings, purchase orders, and reporting your customers will love.

The Magaya Digital Freight Portal can be used with the TMS and rate management system of your choice, making it a flexible solution that can be deployed quickly without requiring extensive infrastructure changes.


Digital Forwarder Software
Rate Management

Rate Management

Magaya Rate Management is a digital freight rate management platform designed to give you greater control of your freight rate quotes, data, and processes. Search and compare your entire rate set in an instant, plus manage margins, surcharges, and spot rates, as well as file tariffs, respond to RFQs, and quote to your customers – all from a single control tower.

Configurable to adapt to your export needs, the solution easily integrates with Magaya Supply Chain or with the logistics system of your choice.



With Magaya CRM, all teams involved in acquiring, retaining, and managing customers have access to the same accurate information about contacts, accounts, opportunities, and more.

This time-saving solution eliminates redundancies and fosters customer-centric collaboration across teams with greater visibility, streamlined quoting processes, and built-in business intelligence.


CRM Software for Logistics and Freight Forwarding

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A Cloud Export Solution You Can Trust

With the Magaya Cloud, you’ll enjoy hands-off maintenance, freeing you from tedious IT tasks and giving you the time to focus on your core cross-border shipping business.

What’s more, Magaya Cloud gets you started quickly with a low upfront investment and fast time to value.

With cyber-security on everyone’s mind these days, you’ll also appreciate the enhanced security capabilities to protect you from unwanted risk. Magaya only works with secure data centers that maintain high-reliability ratings such as the SSAE 16 Type II compliance, in Tier III rated facilities with redundant power.

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Grow Your Cross-Border Business Faster With the Magaya Network

In the face of port congestion, scarce vessel capacity, high spot and contract rates, and other global shipping challenges, diversifying your network of partners is a key step in making your business more resilient. 

With the Magaya Network, you gain instant access to a global community of over 2,300 supply chain companies situated across more than 100 countries, opening a world of business opportunities.

On the Magaya Network, you can instantly exchange documents and data with your partners and agents that already use Magaya, benefitting from a more efficient, secure, and streamlined way to do business.

Export Management Software Features You’ll Love

  • Mobile WMS for iOS and Android
  • Digital Freight Portal
  • Quotes
  • Bookings
  • Pickup Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Consolidated Export Shipment, or FCL
  • Warehouse Receipts
    • Full WMS to Manage Receiving, Consolidation, Loading, Photos, Shipping
  • ACE EEI Filings
  • Visibility and Tracking
  • Container Tracking
  • Booking Requests and Shipping Instructions via INTTRA
  • eAWB
  • Shipment Transfer to Destination Database via Magaya Network (if dest. Agent has Magaya)
  • Shipment Receipt in Destination Database
  • Shipment Liquidation in One Click
  • Online Payments
  • Accounting Integration with QuickBooks Online
  • Full PnL by Operations and Other Profitability Reports Built-In
  • Cargo Insurance
  • INTTRA and Carrier Integration
  • …and Many More!

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