Accelerate, streamline, and simplify your compliance workflows with a cloud-based, ACE-certified ABI software solution for customs brokers, FTZ or CFS operators, and self-filers.





Customs Compliance has Never Been
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Magaya Customs Compliance is a U.S. Customs-certified platform (listed under ACELYNK with CBP) that keeps you compliant while significantly reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency. With real-time visibility into all your transactions, duties, fees, and CBP response messages in a single window, Magaya Customs Compliance is your key to faster, easier ACE filings with full CHB management, enabling the filing of ISF, Entry Summary, Cargo Release, 7512s (InBond), e214s (FTZ), Drawback, Reconciliation, AES, eManifest, Entry Type 86, and more.

ABI Software for FTZ & CFS Operators

FTZ & CFS Operators

Optimize your FTZ or CFS operations with built-in reporting, inventory management, form automation, and more.

Customs Brokerage Software Solution Screenshot

Customs Brokers

Automate and centralize the filing process, giving you access to a modern U.S. Customs-certified portal for ACE filings and CHB management.

ABI Compliance Software for Self-Filers

Self-Filing Importers

A U.S Customs-certified portal for ACE filings, Magaya Customs Compliance offers seamless transitions from ISF to Entry Summary, In-Bond, or e214.

FTZ & CFS Operators

From filing for status to the ongoing optimization of FTZ warehouses, Magaya has you covered for every aspect of FTZ. With full inventory control and built-in reporting, Magaya Customs Compliance makes completing and filing FTZ (e214) faster and easier than ever.

Customs Brokers

File ISF, Entry Summary, Cargo Release, 7512s (InBond), e214s (FTZ), Drawback, Reconciliation, AES, eManifest, Entry Type 86, and more is made faster and easier with mass uploads, form automation, alerts, and real-time CBP connectivity.

Self-Filing Importers

The world of compliance is complex. Magaya Customs Compliance makes it easy for you to complete all required filings with an Intuitive, streamlined user interface and a whole team of compliance experts that keep your software up-to-date with evolving tariffs and regulations.

Take Your Compliance Operations to the Cloud

With ABI Software from Magaya

Hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Magaya Customs Compliance gets you up and running quickly with no additional hardware or software needed. Redundant data centers meet all ISO and security standards and ensure reliable uptime and a smooth, uninterrupted, connection to ACE.

abi software that keeps you compliant

Stay Compliant With Proactive Regulatory Updates

With tariff and regulatory changes happening all the time, it’s critically important to stay on top of changes to avoid potential delays or costly fines. That’s why our compliance team keeps the software regularly and proactively updated – at no additional cost to you. Plus, Magaya Customs Compliance includes the complete PGA record set for submitting FDA, NHTSA, EPA, APHIS Core, FWS, DEA, FSIS, NMFS, ATF, DTC, TTB, and AMS data to and from each agency as they become available in ACE.

Automate your customs filings

Save Time and Boost Productivity With Automation

Parts automation saves time when completing FDA, EPA, and/or other forms within an Entry. Form automation uses data from one customs form to auto-fill another (e.g. auto-create an Entry straight from the ISF). Automated validation warns users when a tariff number subject to specific duties (such as Section 301) is used. Expedite the creation and submission of your Air AMS, ACAS, and Type 86 entries by uploading one Excel document for all three fillings and submitting them once the forms are completed. Plus, the creation of a Type 86 Entry is automated for Section 321 shipments, transforming a cumbersome, lengthy process into just two simple steps.

increase visibility

Seize Operational Control With Centralized Visibility

Enjoy complete visibility at a glance of all transaction types and their current status with U.S. Customs, all from a single dashboard. Plus, real-time updates and alerts keep you and your customers continuously updated on shipment statuses.


Accelerate Filings With Real-Time CBP Connectivity

The real-time data exchange with U.S. Customs eliminates delayed responses on submissions statuses. Responses on shipment status are received immediately, including “May Proceed” from FDA, “Release” from Customs, and more. Real-time API and EDI even enable you to connect your in-house applications with USCBP and PGA.


Connect all Your Systems With an Open API

Available in XML and JSON, our open API connects any ERP, TMS, WMS and e-Commerce platforms to ACE (Automated Customs Interface) in real-time or batch mode for the following modules:

  • ISF (Importer Security Filing)
  • AII (Automated Invoice Interface)
  • Complete Entry Module (3461 & 7501), Includes FDA and Other PGA’s
  • Inbond (7512)
  • FTZ (e214)
  • Admissions and Withdrawals AES (Export Module)
  • AMS Query (Air, Ocean, Rail and Truck)
  • HTS Query
  • SCAC Query
  • FIRMS Query

type 86

Faster, Easier Type 86 Entries With Mass Upload

Speed up your processes with our integrated Type 86 large volume upload feature and Air and Ocean AMS extensions. Simply upload your large volume Air or Ocean AMS via an Excel file, click a button, and automatically create the Type 86 Entries:

  • Upload thousands of House Bills from a single Excel sheet
  • Connect to your ABI platform and create entries via EDI or API
  • Automatically analyze potential PGA flags
  • Disclaim thousands of PGA lines automatically
  • View PGA flags that are not able to be disclaimed
  • Mass replace HTS codes across the entire entry set
  • Filter and segregate entries based on current ABI status
  • Access updated tariff schedules as they are published by CBP
  • Automate the creation of Type 86 Entries for manual submission

Frequently Asked Questions About Magaya ABI Software

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1. What, exactly, is ABI software?
ABI is a common abbreviation for Automated Broker Interface, an opt-in U.S. Customs program available to importers and brokers as a way to reduce the potential for import data errors. According to the CBP, 96 percent of all import entries are filed using the ABI. ABI software is a type of specialized professional software that automates and streamlines the exchange of data between customs brokers, carriers, freight forwarders, and other importers and U.S. Customs.
2. What makes Magaya Customs Compliance the best ABI software on the market?

The built-in parts and form automation, proactive regulatory updates, centralized dashboard, and real-time connectivity all set Magaya Customs Compliance apart from other available ABI software solutions. Plus, as part of the Magaya Digital Freight Platform, Magaya Customs Compliance is integrated with a suite of flexible, interoperable, modular, cloud-based solutions for freight forwarding, warehouse operations, rate management, and more.

3. I'm not sure I really need ABI software. How do I know I'm ready to digitize my operations?

Whether you’re a busy customs broker, an importer, or an FTZ or CFS operator, you’re faced with the challenge of growing competition, fast-changing tariffs and regulations, and a constant need to accelerate processes. Magaya Customs Compliance gives you the technology needed to spend less time on bureaucratic paperwork while staying compliant.

4. Is Magaya Customs Compliance a SaaS solution?

Fully hosted in the cloud, Magaya Customs Compliance is available as a subscription-based license, so you can focus on running your business instead of managing technical hardware and software systems. 

5. Do I need Magaya Supply Chain to use Magaya Customs Compliance?

No, Magaya Customs Compliance can be used with the TMS, ERP, or other end system of your choice thanks to its real-time API and EDI options. However, if you choose to use Magaya Supply Chain and Magaya Customs Compliance together, you benefit from out-of-the-box, seamless integration.

6. Is Magaya Customs Compliance an ACE-certified ABI solution?

Yes, Magaya Customs Compliance is listed as an ACE-certified ABI solution with U.S. Customs as ACELYNK. ACELYNK was acquired by Magaya in 2020 and is also a certified ACE and ABI Service Bureau and an NCBFAA member.

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