Container Tracking

Eliminate wasted time and manual processes with just one click to track all your containers worldwide. Track your ocean shipment containers across more than 100 sealines faster and more efficiently than ever, all within the Magaya Supply Chain solution.

real-time visibility


The Container Tracking extension gives you real-time and direct visibility of your containers from the Magaya platform, wherever they are in the world.
real-time visibility


Easily share your tracked containers’ status updates as events in the LiveTrack Mobile App by Magaya for full self-serve, 24/7 visibility for your clients.

real-time visibility


Links container information in your shipments to container tracking sources worldwide, giving you quick access to the status of your containers.

real-time visibility


The extension currently tracks more than 100 ocean carriers such as Evergreen, CMA, and more. New ocean carriers are added to the extension weekly.

“The user-friendly interface reduces the amount of work for the user by eliminating duplicate data entry. Shipment details are managed with simple workflows. Send important information to customs authorities and generate required documents like the bill of lading.”

– Magaya Customer

Container Tracking on Mobile or Desktop with Magaya LiveTrack

Worry-Free Container Tracking Software

When shipping overseas, tracking ocean shipments is a daunting task as containers become harder to track once they leave a port. Plus, if one of your shipments does not reach its intended destination, it’s nerve-wracking when you have little visibility into its whereabouts.

However, Magaya Container Tracking takes the worry out of tracking your shipment. You can rest assured with easy access to important information regarding the different stages of the logistics and transportation process, including all the details of the status changes of the container.

The solution enables global monitoring of your ocean container numbers, delivering better control and freight management as your shipments move from origin to destination.