At Magaya, we take pride in providing friendly, highly-skilled supply chain business services to every customer, every time we interact. Your success is our success.

Our People

At Magaya, we value being able to work with our clients as partners. Our professional services teams are made up of industry experts who have worked with thousands of supply chain businesses just like yours. You will benefit from their deep knowledge of the logistics industry’s best practices and years of practical experience.

We have had the pleasure to grow alongside many of our long-standing clients and value input and collaboration from the industry. Through their feedback, we’ve implemented new features and improved our professional services offerings over the years to better serve all of our clients.

El equipo de Magaya se reúne en un almacén para el evento Dimensioner

Implementation Services

The Magaya implementation team understands that your business has specific and unique needs. Our software implementation approach begins with understanding your unique workflows, requirements, and challenges. We will advise you on industry best practices while adapting to your way of working. Implementation is not just a one-time meeting; it’s the start of a long-lasting relationship, and we look forward to working with you over time.

We have thoughtfully designed a thorough onboarding process to ensure that you’re able to use Magaya to solve all of your business needs starting from day one. Not only does our team guide you while you begin, but we’re also here for the long haul.

Implementation Milestones

Kick-off meeting

  • Identify stakeholders
  • Identify customer’s project leader
  • Review and agree on major milestones
  • Confirm go-live date

Deploy Magaya software

  • Server installation
  • Deploy to client computers
  • Test peripherals
  • Test online access (if required)


  • Review requirements in detail with each stakeholder and project leader
  • Preparation of project plan identifying responsibilities for Magaya and customer
  • Process review meetings and training sessions
  • Magaya configuration
  • User acceptance testing


  • Magaya implementation team will be onsite

Hand-off to Customer Support

  • Meeting between customer stakeholders, Magaya implementation team and Magaya customer support dedicated personnel

Our customer success team begins by working on your implementation and training plan. They also get your software installed. Once it’s installed, you will have access to learning paths in Page One, the Welcome screen in your Magaya software.

Expand the “Implementation Milestones” on this page to see details.

Once you’re on board, we’ll continue to work with you on your growth plans, check in to make sure you’re using Magaya to its fullest potential, and remain available to discuss how Magaya can scale with your business as it grows.

“The system is very intuitive, clean, and very user-friendly compared to Magaya competitors. I love their support department. They are always providing solutions in a very small time frame.”

– Magaya Freight Forwarding Customer

Consulting Services

Your Partner in Business, Delivering the Expertise and Support Needed to Scale and Thrive

We’ll continue working together, even after you’ve implemented and learned how to use the Magaya software.

Our team is available to audit your system and offer suggestions on how you can use its capabilities to benefit your business with improved productivity, risk avoidance, and more.

We understand that as your business grows, your needs will start to change. We’re ready to show you how Magaya has the tools you need to meet your evolving business needs.

Development and Integration Services

Your Software, Your Way

Magaya software has been designed to be highly configurable to meet the needs of a broad array of logistics and supply chain companies. However, if you have specific workflows or business requirements that are not yet met in the base software, we are happy to discuss custom development with you.

Additionally, we can provide an extensive range of pre-built, standard integrations with various agencies, databases, and systems. This saves valuable time and money and gets you up and running faster.

Magaya can also provide custom integration development services to connect with new systems as needed.

Customer Success

Delighting Our Customers is our #1 Priority

To create a more streamlined handoff and strengthen the relationship for new customers, Magaya assigns a dedicated customer success manager to every account. The customer success manager acts as your long-term liaison at Magaya and a trusted advisor.

The role of your customer success manager is to understand your needs, help answer any questions, solve problems, and develop a long-term partnership that extends far beyond the sale.

Our customer success managers take pride in creating positive customer experiences through communication and relationship building. Your dedicated customer success manager will be your champion within Magaya to ensure you are as successful as possible.

Training and Documentation

Knowledge is Power

Magaya supports you and your users with an array of training and documentation resources and related services as well as live (in person or on-line) custom training programs. From our extensive self-service knowledge base and how-to videos to our self-paced online training courses and practice activities, Magaya will give your users the skills needed to become masters at Magaya!

When a new employee joins your company, they can instantly access training materials, videos, and more directly in Page One, the welcome screen in the software.