How To: Add Air Carriers and Air Waybill Numbers

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Create air shipments faster and avoid issues with air waybill numbers using Magaya software.  Our virtual agent Damien is here to show you how to optimize your logistics operations with air carrier features in Magaya.  Did you know that you can sort airwaybill numbers by carrier?  Let’s get started!

Carriers and other entity lists are easily accessed via the maintenance folder of your Magaya. If you already added carriers in the Startup Wizard, they will appear under “Carriers.”  If your list is blank, don’t worry! Damien gives you step-by-step instructions on how to add new carriers, including fields we recommend filling out.

The process for adding an air carrier in Magaya is like adding any other type of carrier.  A Contacts tab allows you to add the names of specific agents at the airline, keeping all your points of contact for that carrier in one place.

The “Airline” tab is extremely important for generating air shipments.  Damien recommends filling in as many fields as possible under this tab.  The “Airline” tab is also where you can add or remove air waybill numbers.  You want to have air waybill numbers organized in your system because duplicate numbers will void documentation.  Having to redo your documentation at the port can delay your shipments, leading to impatient and unhappy clients.

Magaya fixes this issue by automatically removing numbers already used in shipments from your air waybill numbers list, so a number can’t be used again.  Damien shows you different ways you can generate a list of air waybill numbers in your Magaya system.

To learn more about how you can stay organized with Magaya, visit our knowledge base.

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