How To: Manage Shipment Lists in Magaya Software

Jan 28, 2020 | Education

Shipment lists in Magaya are here to back up your operations.  Be equipped with tools that analyze volume, organize carrier rates, and provide up-to-date information on transaction status.  Did you know that you can set the status of shipments directly from your list?  See our video to get tips on how to optimize your shipment list.

Like all lists in Magaya, shipments can be filtered to view the information you want to see first.  Filters in Magaya have many options, including organizing shipments by transaction status, type, and consignee.  Filters give you the flexibility of organizing information in a way that suits your team’s needs.  You can even view information such as the charges, attachments, events, and much more with the “Details” button on your shipments interface.  Like what you see? Save your view on the interface, so your list displays the same way every time.

Shipment lists allow you to configure columns by profit information.  For example, add a gross profit percent of income column to your list to see your gross profit as a percentage for every shipment.  But why stop there?  Use this information to generate reports on all entities involved in your operations.

Find out more about how you can configure lists by exploring our knowledge base.