LiveTrack: Your Top Questions, Answered

Feb 3, 2020 | Education

LiveTrack by Magaya is one of our most popular apps, and with good reason. Livetrack allows you to share real-time shipment updates with your customers, including their tracking information, invoices, and warehouse receipts. Real-time visibility of shipment data can easily be accessed by your customers,  enabling your team to provide the best customer service without needing another tool – it’s all within the Magaya ecosystem.

To help you get started with Livetrack, we’ve compiled this handy FAQ guide.

What are the benefits for Magaya users?

  1. Retain customers – your clients will appreciate having real-time access to shipments, 24/7, making customer retention a breeze.
  2. Manage payments – your customers can pay invoices through the LiveTrack web portal, making the entire process that much faster.
  3. Save time– instead of fielding multiple customer service emails and phone calls throughout the day, your team is now able to direct your customers to download the LiveTrack app. Customers can check on their smartphone whenever they would like!

How can I get started?

Our three-step process makes it easy! Go to Magaya and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Maintenance folder > Customers.
  2. Right-click the customer’s name, to select “Configure LiveTrack/Logistico Access” from the menu
  3. On the General tab, set the user name and password.

Read our Knowledgebase article for more information.

What will my customers be able to see?

Your customer will see the permissions you granted when you provided them access to LiveTrack. This allows for greater flexibility suiting each customer’s specific needs. Additionally, in Configuration, you’ll be able to determine if you’d like to show charges in LiveTrack under the “LiveTrack” menu.

If my customer creates requests via LiveTrack, how am I going to see that in Magaya?

When a customer makes a request in LiveTrack, a notification alert can be sent to your Magaya Inbox. Set up the alerts in Maintenance > Configuration > System Alerts. There are many options for different alerts. Click the dropdown menu for the “When” field to see options. Edit other fields as needed. Then, go to your Magaya Network Messages Inbox to receive the messages.

Where can my customers track their cargo?

Magaya offers the LiveTrack portal and the LiveTrack app for your customers to track anything they’d like, 24/7.

Besides tracking information, what other documents can my customer see?

Your customers will also be able to see attachments such as photos of cargo, documentation and inventory, per transaction.

Can my customers pay via LiveTrack?

YES! Your customers can pay via the web portal. Also, you can send an invoice from Magaya, and they’ll receive it and can pay it easily.

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